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An integral part of any successful business, ecommerce websites will help you get from 0 to 100. With the right tools, guidance, and input, maximize your profits without compromising on quality and quantity.

Ecommerce To Magento:
Cost, Features, And Benefits

With a range of $22,000–125,000/year, Ecommerce to Magento is an integral service for a successful online business. Now is the best time to introduce your business to ecommerce as the conversion to digital solutions from physical storefronts is currently greater than ever.

Ecommerce Is

Evolving Magento

Whether a startup or a brick-and-mortar business, Magemen helps you create a unique theme, aesthetic, navigation method, functionality, and operation that best represents your business for a seamless shopping experience for your audience.

Ecommerce web development is evolving each day with Magento. Now, it is easier than ever to integrate third-party services with your online business. You can make use of popular built-in Google tools like Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base to boost performance.

Expert Ecommerce Consultation

From scroll-triggered animations to interactive timeline sliders, from serif fonts to 3D looping animations, and from graphic interchange formats (GIF) to movable elements, Magemen will help you ace all of it.

For simpler designs, we advise plain yet customized plans for designing menus, hover effects, partners, customer reviews, testimonials, and award displays on homepages.

At Magemen, Our Core Services Include:

Ease Of


Now modify your site’s source code, add or remove features, and manage the functionality with Magento. Create or install plug-ins and add-ons as you desire.



Improvement and increased profits are no longer lightyears away. With the Magento experts on your side, progress every day whether you have a small or large business.



Save time and effort by managing multiple online stores from a single admin panel. Allow us to add various currency features and multi-language for catering to a larger audience.

Better User


Magento offers a better user experience with clear zoom-in capabilities, easy site navigation, and brief yet convincing product reviews. Manage new and current products with the right placement.

Mobile Ecommerce


As mobiles account for greater purchases online each year, allow the Magemen experts to design a mobile-ready platform for your business. We create a layout that supports multiple web browsers and devices.

Search Engine


Ensure Search Engine Optimization is on your side with our effective plans and strategies. Make sure that you get the right gain on your investment by improving your site’s ranking on Search Engines with Magemen.

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