M1 To M2 Migration

The M1 to M2 migration extension ensures that the seller can migrate the online site from Magento 1 to Magento 2 without any hassle.

Ecommerce To Magento Features, And Benefits

The cost for M1 to M2 Migration varies depending on the complexity of your dataset and the services you opt for. It features simple migration processes via the admin panel, removes the need for prior coding expertise and development knowledge, and offers a direct database transfer connection.

Allow the experts to perform the vital migration for you. The original website supporting Magento 1 remains active, so there is no downtime during the migration process. Migrate data for products, orders, customers, etc.

M1 to M2 Migration

is Evolving Magento

Migrate your site from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with the M1 to M2 extension. Now enable and disable the module as required with the Magemen team by your side to provide assistance at each step.

Expert M1 to M2 Migration Consultation

The experts at Magemen are ever ready to help you establish your business in its best form. The consultants at Magemen make the M1 to M2 Migration process easy and quick.

At Magemen, Our Core Services Include:



Now witness as your profits skyrocket as your business runs 20% faster and more efficiently with Magemen.

Improved Admin


The road from M1 to M2 is now a reality. Experience the user-friendly, clean dashboard of Magento 2 with an effortless design.

Easy Checkout


Magento 2 allows customers to shop online without hassle with quick one-page checkout pages. The pages accept all kinds of popular payment options, including PayPal and debit and credit cards.

Enhanced Site


At Magemen, we take security seriously. Let our experts develop safe ways to protect your online platform with dynamic backup plans, 2-factor authorization, admin URLs, and more.



As online shopping gains more traction with time, M-2 provides numerous tools for merchants, helping them create prompt-response sites for improved customer experience.

Exceed Customer


With M-2, Magemen experts help you design high-quality images, fast-loading pages, and a wide range of payments for greater site traffic.

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