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Magento is an eCommerce platform written in PHP. It is used by 2.3% of all websites and is currently the second most popular eCommerce platform after WooCommerce. In recent years, Magento has emerged as an important figure within the ecommerce platform for businesses of all scales. 

The flexibility, scalability, and customizability of Magento have made it the developers’ favorite. Due to the extensive range of advanced features and the latest techniques offered by Magento, building an effective website has become an easy feat. 

However, to make the most of the features offered by Magento, a seasoned expert within the developer’s field is necessary. Someone with years of experience in developing stores on Magneto can provide you with the best of Magento. 

Nevertheless, how does one hire a skilled Magneto Developer, and what should they look for in a developer? To answer these questions, we have carefully curated this guide to hiring the best Magento Developer. Keep reading to find out more.

The Top 7 Tips on Hiring the Best Magento Developer

Before you begin hiring a Magento developer, you need to sit down and analyze what you want to achieve from a product and the features you would like to offer. This includes listing down your expectations from the developer. This can only be done when you have a clear picture and a seasoned Magento Developer to help you. 

  • Realize your Requirements

As mentioned earlier, before you approach a firm or an expert in Magento Development, you need to have a clear picture of what your expectations are. This requires meticulous planning and a thorough review of the features, extensions, themes, and customizations.

Once you have listed the requirements to your satisfaction, you can then approach an expert and discuss your requirements. 

Your list should cover at least three basic questions which convey what level of customization you require and the budget you have set for the project, and enquire how competitors are utilizing features Magento offered by Magento.

  • Hire a Certified Magento Developer

Many developers out there claim to have knowledge and expertise in developing the best Magento store. However, a seasoned and quailed Magento developer would hold certifications to back up their claims. 

Developers that are certified will provide solutions to problems and help you navigate other options if your budget is small and if your requirements exceed what can be incorporated into your store. 

Some certifications to look into when hiring a Magento Developer include but are not limited to, certified front-end developer, associate developer, javascript developer, and cloud developer.

  • Look at Years of Experience

‘The older the person, the better solutions they have.’ This phrase can also be applied to a Magento Development Company. A seasoned company will have years of experience under its belt that speaks for its expertise within the field. 

If you hire a newbie in the field of development over an expert company, you will face technical difficulties that an emerging firm might not have solutions for. On the other hand, an accomplished Magento Development company that has years of experience will understand your demands and readily execute them swiftly without any problem.

  • Navigate their Portfolio

Sometimes a year of experience does not speak for the skills a development company has. New and upcoming development companies can also provide suitable results. This contradicting piece of information can leave one confused as to who to approach. 

In this case, the answer lies in the portfolio. Take a close look at what brands have the development companies worked with, and then browse the brand’s store to see whether the design is something you wish to achieve. 

A portfolio will provide you with a clear picture of what the development company can offer to you and what it can achieve. 

  • Communication is Key

While a portfolio and experience within the field can tell you about developer skills, it does not say much about how well they communicate with their clients. To analyze this, search their socials and see how responsive the developer is to clients’ needs.

One-way exchange of words without proper reciprocation can lead to disastrous results in terms of designing your store and the time as well as money spent on it. Your developer should be as transparent with you as possible to avoid confronting disappointment at the end of the project.

You should also note how open the developer is to your feedback and whether your suggestion is taken into consideration during the design process. 

  • Check Online Reviews

Since no one is immune from internet reviews, online ratings should always be your first port of call for any feedback you might desire on a Magento development company’s service. There are several online rating and review websites that make it simpler to learn about experiences or receive an unbiased perspective.

Some questions to look upon when reading these reviews include finding out whether the process was streamlined, whether there were any hiccups during the development process, was the service worth the pricing, and whether your expectations were met. 

  • Value for Money

The most important question that everyone asks when looking for a Magento Developer is asking what their pricings are. On the other hand, developers enquire about the development budget allocated. In the end, money matters most, so it is only natural to wonder if you will get your money’s worth. 

Hence, it is important to analyze whether the task hand requires professional input or giving the task to someone else experienced will suffice. Certain processes during the design process do not require a seasoned expert, which means you can hire someone for less budget. 

When hiring a development company, enquire how their payments are charged. Is it hourly, daily, weekly, or fixed at monthly rates? Moreover, ask questions regarding services, which would incur additional charges. 


Hiring a Magento developer is no easy task, but once you hire one, your responsibilities decrease exponentially. The right developer will know what your needs are and execute your requirements smoothly. Additionally, they will offer to maintain your store after the project has ended under a reasonable budget.